I’m a girl with a love for photography and a law degree
that became a stay at home mom and grew a 7-figure business.

Hey there! I'm Nicole.

I’m a girl with a love for photography and a law degree that became a stay at home mom and grew a 7-figure business. I’m here to give you the tools you need to do the same.  

Have you ever felt the path you’re walking isn’t leading you to your passions? The ones that you’re even too scared of to say aloud? If so, you’re in good company.

It all started back in law school. I was pursuing my degree - and I found myself cramming photography courses into my schedule. Confusing, right? You can imagine my surprise when my photography work began to be featured on Huffington Post and USA Today. 

I wish I could say this was the push I needed to dive into photography full time. But nope. After graduation, I took a job at JP Morgan Chase where I realized, once again, my creativity was being squashed. Isn’t it funny how we push down our dreams when we don’t have the confidence to pursue them?

Corporate life was short-lived when I became a full stay at home mama. It was then that I began to share my life on social media - simply as a creative outlet to remind myself ‘I still had it.’ (I know you mamas out there can relate!). 

And just like my first taste with photography, this passion project began to gain traction. And I knew I wasn’t going to ignore the nudge this time around.

As I began sharing more of our lives online through photos and videos, my following started growing, and I was able to engage with other women (and moms) sharing similar experiences. My background in photography allowed me to create content that was visually appealing, while also achieving a cohesive Instagram page.

Six years in, I’ve collaborated with dozens of brands - as the influencer as well as a business owner. It certainly wasn’t a straight path, but I have figured out the ins and outs of pitching and declining brand partnerships. I know how to work with influencers myself to promote my products and grew a 7-figure business utilizing my Instagram and influencer marketing strategies.

And I want to save you the time of figuring it out yourself. I’m here to remind you of your creativity, uncover your confidence, and equip you to pursue your passion with tangible biz + influencer tactics. I’m here to give you permission to take the leap, dream the big dreams, and do it all with a big heart!

WE dream ABOUT...

creating MOMENTS OF joy.